Email extract online tool

You may use this on-line e-mail extractor tool to parse text or to clean unwanted characters from e-mail listing.
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Script by Labsy from SGH Group. All rights preserved and frozen. I modified original script Email Extractor.
This page has been used 30546 times since 2009. Sweet, huh? :) You are also welcome to use What's my IP online tool.
NOTE: script is not perfect, has some design flews, which I might or might not repair - don't blame me, use upon your own judgement.
WARNING: DO NOT ABUSE THIS SCRIPT, AND DO NOT USE IT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES! It is prohibited to cURL or parse the results from remote web sites or use other techniques, except copy-paste into this window and download as offered.
PRIVACY NOTE: All queries here are saved mainly for security purposes. No e-mail is and will NOT be used anywhere outside this system, nor it will be disclosed to any 3rd party ever!

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